Alexander McQueen. Surprising, as always!

Category: Fashion | 13 апреля 2014, 22:00

Perhaps Alexander McQueen (Alexander McQueen) — and indirectly, and pop singer Lady Gaga (Lady Gaga) — completely broke the stereotype of the modern perception of fashion shows as entertainment shows, held live on Thursday night. The collection show of McQueen's "Plato's Atlantis" ("Atlantis Plato") was broadcast in real time on the website of photographer nick knight with the inserts taken the night in advance of the video clip. At least that was the plan, but a half-hour before Lady Gaga announced on social network Twitter that the show McQueen will premiere her new single and gave a link to the broadcast site, where he rushed millions of her fans. Not surprisingly, no sooner had the jaws of stereotypes of perception, how fell the SHOWstudio website. Because of this, many had to feel in the shoes of a budding beginner, stuck at the entrance to the presentation of McQueen and waving a ticket, but are unable to get inside. According to reports from the event, this show was certainly big-budget. For a sparkling illuminated runway back and forth slid two sinister robotic cameras on rails giant black and on the screen was a video clip of a knight lying on the sand of a naked Raquel Zimmerman, on a body which twists the serpent. Then came models in short dresses with pattern in the form of snake skin, which was applied by the method of digital printing; their long legs were struggling to get grotesque shoes, similar to the scaly herd of the mythical descendants of a prehistoric sea monster.


As follows from the press release, this collection is an apocalyptic prophecy McQueen about impending global environmental catastrophe: humanity is descended from marine creatures, landlocked land, and if the ice on Earth melts, it is possible that we will again live under water. Then, if you speak the language of fashion? Well, it was a brief, noteworthy idea, which some designers have decided to consider this season.


All of the letters of McQueen, in fact, fit in a short dress: prints in the form of the skin of marine reptiles, beam waist and the skirt is bell-shaped. Models were chosen only green and brown colors flowing in blue and celadon. Fabric painted in such a way, stretched in Hoop skirts. Each dress was a work of computer art on the basis of corporate style of McQueen.

In the collection part, which looked like McQueen decided to imagine a hybrid of woman and animal was included with the pants ballooned on the sides of the leg, mimicking the skin of sharks or dolphins.

The reminder of his predilection for the style of Modesto with the famous London street Savile row began fitting some models, in which were cut the "portholes" filled with turquoise and created the illusion that viewers are looking through the glass bottom of the boat.


To summarize. No indication that McQueen changes his own style, not, however, the use of modern computer technologies and the drama of new images makes it one of the leaders in the field of fashion innovation.